How to submit a product bug report

First, try to reproduce your issue on the latest maintenance release.  We are constantly improving our products and your issue may have already been addressed.

If the latest maintenance release still has the issue, e-mail our support address or submit a ticket and be sure to provide information about which product, platform (WPF, WinForms, etc.), and version you are using.  Indicate your operating system, .NET framework version, and system theme if appropriate.  Tell us what you expect to see and what is actually happening.

If you are able to reproduce the issue in one of our samples without any code changes, then send us detailed steps on how to make the issue occur.

Otherwise, please do not submit code snippets longer than 10 lines directly in your messages.  Instead, build a simple sample project that reproduces the issue, ZIP it up, and e-mail it back in reply to this message along with detailed instructions on how to make the issue occur.  This way we can see what you are seeing, can debug the issue, and once any related code changes are made, can verify that the issue is resolved.

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